"Sowing seeds of faith in to the heart."
Creative Christian Network
In the 13th chapter of Matthew, Jesus tells the story of
a farmer who planted seed.

As he scattered the seed, some fell on the road and the
birds ate it.

Some fell in the gravel, sprouted quickly, but soon
withered away for the lack of roots.

Some fell in to the weeds, and as it came up, it was
strangled by the weeds.

Some fell on good earth and produced a wonderful
harvest beyond his wildest dreams!

CCN is like that of a farmer doing the ongoing duties of
sowing seeds.

Our programs show the love of Jesus Christ in the
example of living out our daily lives.

It's our walk with Christ, taking up our cross daily, living
and abiding in the love and grace that God has freely
given, showing that love, and helping others to
understand the salvation that is available through Christ
so that we can live in heaven with Him forevermore.

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