We can do what we do,
because you are faithful
Creative Christian Network
ON MARCH 15, 2015

We will go LIVE over our ipTV network sharing the love
of Jesus Christ to the world to ANYONE with an internet
connection, smart phone or tablet.

Isn't that amazing?

Our God is good, and we at the Creative Christian
Network aim at providing quality, innovative
programming that highlights the joy in life, and the joy
that comes as being a believer of our one true God,
and the love of Jesus Christ.

You can help us in several ways.

Please share our network with EVERYONE! Word of
mouth and social media is a great way to do this.

You can help us financially as we have costs associated
with equipment, buying bandwith, expensive hardware
and software, staff, production costs, and standard
overhead associated with running any media/broadcast

You can help us by keeping CCN in your daily prayers.
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